Sarah’s Art Gallery

Welcome to the art gallery of 5 year old artist Sarah


Purple Flowers




Purple Garden


Flowers in a vase (Watercolor Collage)


Flutterby (Watercolor collage)

Miss Spider and Snakes

Miss Spider and Snake Sculptures  (Paper Mache’)


Flower in Ink 3

Flowers In Ink 3

Flowers in Ink 2

Flower in Ink 2


Flower in Ink 1

Flower in Ink 1



AUTUMN   (Watercolor)



Burro in Acrylic


Ketucky Horses in Watercolor


Mommy Ostrich in ink


Giraffe and Tree in Watercolor


House in Watercolor



3 Responses to “Sarah’s Art Gallery”

  1. What beautiful art your daughter has created. I love the care she has put into her work. And I love the techniques you have taught her. Some of these would be just lovely framed on a wall.


  2. Dear Emily

    First of all we wish you and your family a lovely new year 2007. Now I have heard your daughters lovely voice and seen her drawings. Sarah is lucky to have so gifted parents. When we sit in our wheelchairs, Sarah will be a famous artist. Don’t push her, but give her the best can you can give her: Love and understanding.

    Thanks of lot you have been thinking of me entering your website, which I will forward to Poul.

    Lots of love to your family. Hope to keep in touch.

    Michael from Copenhagen, Denmark

  3. Beautiful! Just beautiful drawings! Sarah, you are very talented, keep painting!!

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