Making gingerbread cookie…

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Getting ready for Christmas and into her work with some gingerbread cookies where process is more important than product. 

makinggingerbreadcookies.jpg cookies2.jpg


Help with writing practice…

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Getting a little a help with writing practice with our pet tortoise.


Coke and Mentos

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Here is a picture of Sarah and her Coke and Mentos experiement.

 cokeandmentos1.jpg  cokeandmentos21.jpg

Family in Kentucky

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Squirrel Hunting

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Annie get your gun…

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There has really been only one time in my marriage that I thought I was genuinely and perhaps legitimately, “in trouble”.  I mean, I get ridiculed on a daily basis for something but the day I bought my 2 year old daughter a rifle was a day I was definitely in the dog house.  Okay,  okay, I’ll concede now that two years old might have been a bit premature, although as a defense of precedence, I have a friend who’s daughter received her first .22 at the baby shower.  What can I say… I was itching to get my future hunting and fishing buddy on her way.  Well, I agreed to wait until she was older and the cute as a button miniature .22 caliber Chipmunk went into the safe.  We got it out when she was five and began some safety training and this year she’s just the right size to use it.  We’ve spent some time shooting this week at the range and then did some plinking around out back in the woods with an air rifle.  She’s getting pretty good and I think if the weather cooperates… this week we’ll have the opportunity to go on her first squirrel hunt here in Kentucky.


sarah-range.jpg    sarah_pistol.jpg   sarahshooting1.jpg   sarahshooting2.jpg


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For the past couple of years Sarah has hinted around at her desire to be a Princess for Halloween.  We usually try to side track that desire and say something like… “Oh… everyone dresses as a princess… why don’t you think of something a little more interesting”.  She’ll agree and then comes up with something else far more creative.  Well recently I have been working on a series of stories about Princesses and trying them out on her at bedtime so the theme was hard to avoid this year.  So… Rapunzel it was. (Even-though Rapunzel isn’t a princess until the end of the story.) However, we don’t do anything half way when it comes to something like this so we used it as a teachable moment and went to the library to research the period styles, the origins of and variations on the story.  We hunted for the best fabrics and designed and built this period costume.  It was a lot of fun and she ultimately got to satisfy her girlie side. 

halloween2.jpg  halloween.jpg