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head-edited.jpgABOUT ME:

Visit Scott at: www.thrasherarts.com


Some of my other past endeavors:


Scott Thrasher, Ecentric Juggler: www.thrasherarts.com/scott_variety.htm

Vaudeville Alley:  www.thrasherarts.com/vaudeville_alley.htm


I currently live in Las Vegas, Nevada with my wife Emily and daughter Sarah.  I am a homeschooling / stay-at-home father.  I’m a bit of a “Jack of all trades”.  I’ve worked as a Juggler, an Actor, Stage Fight Choreographer, Director, Theatre Instructor, Artist and Writer.  I have also been employed as a Christian Educator, Camp Director and a High Ropes Course Instructor.  I still perform as a Juggler two nights a week at the Rio Casino Resort in Las Vegas but am for the most part retired from that chapter of my life.  My attentions are now directed to homeschooling my daughter and developing my career as a storyteller. 



  • Hobbies, interest or thing that occupy my time… (not necessarily in any particular order)

Anything with my daughter and wife and then… Fly Fishing, Church work, Hiking and Backpacking, Wildlife Photography, Playing Guitar, Writing, Bird Dogs, Hunting, Watercolor or Pen and Ink Art, Crafts and Woodworking, Wood Carving, Juggling and Circus Skills, Folklore, Gardening, Sustainable Living, Etymology, Ecology, History, Conservative Politics and a thousand other things I haven’t discovered yet….

  • What I’ve been reading or like to read…

Southern Jack Tales, Folklore and Mythology, The Message, Lessons from the  Carpenter, Fascinating String Figures, The Death of Right and Wrong, Tomorrow’s Church, The plays of William Shakespeare, Dr. Suess, Shel Silverstein… 

  • Music I like…

Folk, Bluegrass, Contemporary Christian, Classical, Big Band, Opera – Emily Herrera, The Newsboys, Enter the Worship Circle, Third Day, Trout Fishing in America, John Denver, Jethro Tull…


Scott Thrasher is a creative and dynamic, Storyteller, Actor, Performer and Retreat Facilitator. who offers a blend of humor and insight to audiences of all ages through the power of narrative.

A true “Jack of all Trades” with more than twenty years of experience as a professional Actor, Director, Juggler, Teacher Camp Director, Recreation Leader, Clown, Artist, Christian Educator, Team Building and Adventure Facilitator.

Coming from a long line of tale tellers, yarn spinners and liars, Scott combines his many skills to present folk stories, fables, parables, as well as; stories of faith, community, hope and the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

Visit My Web Site:  www.thrasherarts.com


3 Responses to “About Scott Thrasher”

  1. Aloha from a new friend.
    I met your cool wife Emily and delightful daughter Sarah at tumbling. When i heard you were a stay at homeschooling father, I was fascinated. Frankly, I thought “wow, that must be a struggle” but now that I have seen your blog I am completely blown away. It is an adventure and awesome journey. I was totally inspired! Hooray for you guys! My husband would love your life it’s never too late of course but for now he is in the thrawls of being a dean at a middle school. Therefore, we homeschool. We have been here 6 1/2 years coming from Hawaii where I was born and raised. I have 5 children from ages 0-9 and the only reason I had a moment to get online is because my children decided to dress up and dance and act out the nutcracker that is playing and the 2 year old, dressed as barbie princess is cooking and dancing in her Kitchen and I have the newborn on my back. The “school” for the morning will just have to wait awhile.
    My 4 year old son just informed me this morning (as he was showing off that he could balance books on his head) that he wants to be in the circus. Perhaps you would be a good contact for that?
    Anyway, I would love to know more about your storytelling business and how my children could come see you do your thing
    Also, I really appreciated your testimony about Christ and the Holy Spirit. We love Christmas too, and I listen to Christmas music anytime of the year when I need that special boost. The gospel of Jesus Christ has totally guided us and sustained us through our trials of life and saved us from many pitfalls. We are just so grateful.
    Well my children are starting to get contentious so off I must go. I hope our families can meet sometime.
    Heather Murdock

  2. Scott- good to see you online!
    You were the Fight Director for NSU’s production of Romeo & Juliet back in 1995- I was a dresser (Sharon F. was the Costume designer, Chris F. the ATD and Shop Foreman) for the show.
    My local theatre is putting on R&J in 2008 and I was just remembering what an amazing production you helped us to create back at NSU. Thanks for all the memories!

  3. Sometimes I google old friends. What a pleasant surprise to see you and what a beautiful family you have. Glad to see one who looks healthy and happy.

    Kathleen (from KY)

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