Every time I get back home I get the opportunity to work on my family history and genealogy projects.  I recently had a great aunt pass away who’s library yielded some new information.  This sparked a trip to Smithfield and Shelbyville Kentucky where many of my root grew.

Below is a picture of four generations on the Middelton side.  Sarah, me, my mother and my grandparents.


Below is a picture of a grave marker at the Smithfield Commentary marking the grave of my great, great, great grandfather, Hugh Atchison.


The house my grandfather grew up in and the sign which I suspect my great grandfather made since he was the local Blacksmith in Smithfield, KY during the time it was likely erected.

middeltonhouse.jpg    smithfieldcemsign.jpg


~ by SarahT on November 5, 2007.

One Response to “Genealogy”

  1. Hi Scott, I’ve enjoyed finding your web site and seeing the pictures of your family and the one of Hugh Atchison’s grave. I am your mom’s first cousin and was there at Am Bright’s funeral. My mother was Elvin’s sister. I am planning on writing a small book of family stories or memories for my kids and grandchildren someday, hopefully this year.

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