It only take a spark…

Remember that old camp song, “It Only Take A Spark, to get a fire going…? 

That pretty much sums up my education philosophy.  Ignite a spark in the right spot and the desire to learn more is like wildfire.  School for me was a miserable experience because not until I discovered Theatre was the flint even struck.  It was then I knew I would teach by taking the roads, perhaps less traveled but fueled by passions and interests.

Primitive skills have always been a passion and interest of mine.  I’ve studied survival techniques and outdoor skills since I was a teenager and can remember heading out onto local farms and woods testing all of the things I had read in books.  Nothing I would ever learn in school of course but from these practical skills I learned about native cultures, frontiersman and Mountain Men; I learned about biology, anthropology, history and many others in much deeper and lasting ways than did my peers. 

My fascination for the everyday skills practiced by our ancestors seems to have rubbed off on Sarah.  Today I taught her how to make a fire without a match.  She doesn’t have the strength for friction methods but she really got the hang of flint and steel.  I was amazed and said, “Wow Sarah, that’s something not many kids can do”.  Then she said, “Well not many kids have a Dad like you”. 

It was one of those moments.

Follow this link to see a short video of Sarah starting a fire with a flint and steel.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge

building-fire.JPG     bowdrillfire.JPG     bow-drill.JPG


~ by SarahT on October 6, 2007.

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