The Fly Fishing Kid

Living on the bank of one of the best trout rivers in the country this summer was really a dream come true.  While I had many great mornings and evenings feeding my passion for fly fishing without a doubt the best part was being able to share this passion with Sarah.  Watching her begin to fly fish, tie flies and learn so much about stream biology and entomology was priceless.  One of my favorite stories this summer was when we stopped into a local fly shop and one of the guys asked us how the fishing had been.  Sarah immediately piped up before I had the chance and said, “Well, it’s been Spruce Moths in the morning and PMD’s at night”.  Meaning the trout were feeding in the morning on Spruce Moths and Pale Morning Duns in the evenings. She was a huge hit in all of the local fly shops.  She’d give regular fishing reports show off her fly creations and gained fans by teaching them all string figures.  Hard to imagine any school providing as much knowledge and experience as a summer on the river not to mention a lifetime of memories. 



~ by SarahT on September 27, 2007.

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