Favorite Things…


I asked Sarah the other night while we were eating dinner what some of her favorite memories where .  “What do you mean”.  She said.  “You know… Your favorite or the best things you can remember doing in your life.”  This was her response. 


“Coming to Rockhaven Camp!”

“Momma in Montana for a week.”

“Learning to Swim.”

“Learning about God.”

“Catching that brook trout.”

“Getting Miss Suzy.”

“Riding a two wheel bike.”

“Playing with the boys… in Kentucky.”

“The purple beach and that horse that stuck his head in our window.”

“Having the best baby sitter… my Grandmother.”

“Having the best home in Las Vegas.”


~ by SarahT on August 3, 2007.

One Response to “Favorite Things…”

  1. I thouroughly enjoyed the podcast and all the pictures make me green with envy.
    someday…… I loved Sarah’s comments about what she liked best. You are doing awesome by her. She will be a wealthy little girl with all she’s experiencing and learning. but mostly because she has very devoted, God-fearing parents who love her and love each other. That makes her a minority in most of our world today. What an inspiration!

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