Some catching up

I realize it’s been a while since I made a post. 

I assure you it’s not for the lack of things to write about.  Sarah and I are having a great summer in Montana and if it weren’t for Mommy, the dogs and the cat… we might never leave.  Sarah has been a bit resistant in making podcast with me and I have had little time between camp obligations to do anything else but fish.  Which I do a lot of… 

Even though camp is in full swing I still manage to get a couple of hours on the river each morning before Sarah or the campers wake up.  During day camp we can get on the river after dinner and stay until dark.

Okay, I’ll admit I have a problem.  

Sarah has been having a great time at the day camps and the Elementary camp we had a couple of weeks ago.  She really seems to love Montana and all the people we meet.  

Emily came to visit for a week at the end of June and we enjoyed time together as a family.  We took a day trip to Yellowstone, and just generally hung out.  Sarah’s 6th birthday and my 42nd fell during that week so it was nice to be all together. 


Every father’s day Rockhaven has a summer kickoff pigroast and potluck vesper service.  Below is a picture of that yummy pig.



~ by SarahT on July 16, 2007.

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