Low Ropes Challenge Course

We took advantage of a nice day… (at least until about an hour ago when the thunderstorms hit) to build some of the elements in my master plan for Rockhaven’s meadow area on the east bank of the river.  Rockhaven consist of about 10 acres which is quite literally divided in half by the Gallatin River.  A river that completely cut off access to the east bank for years.  Until, a few years ago when a large donation came in to build a bridge.  Since no machinery could access the east side they designed a cantilever suspension bridge that apparently is quite rare.  A pretty cool bridge which now allows foot access to a pristine alpine meadow of 5 acres and thousands of national forest acres.

Unfortunately they really haven’t had anything to do on that side since building the bridge.  In comes Scott with grand dreams of what they should do. 

I proposed what I’ve called Trinity Meadow.  A spiritual development area that covers worship, discipleship and evangelism enrichment.  They already had a beautiful meadow and a small vesper dell so I designed a prayer labyrinth, a self guided curriculum for a prayer trail, and a low ropes challenge course.  Today, with the help of a few board members I was able to construct an 8 element Low Ropes Challenge course.  A Spider’s web, a trust fall, a whale watch, an diabolical acid river, a TP shuffle, an all aboard and a nitro-crossing.  This along with my many portables should allow Rockhaven plenty of community building opportunities this summer. 

Along with the challenge course I cleared out a couple of old storage areas to create an arts and crafts room and a program department for supplies. 

Next step… the Labyrinth. 

whalewatch.jpg   acidriver2.jpg   trustfall.jpg 


~ by SarahT on May 31, 2007.

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