Getting back at nature…

The meadow is full of wildflower and today the Rocky Mountain Irises began to bloom.  Below is a picture of one of them.

Tonight I tried out this design for a marshmallow gun I read about.  I made it sitting on the front porch of the cabin where we have a bunch of bird feeders.  When I finished I tried it out by aiming at a hummingbird which to my surprise nailed square, knocking him off of the feeder.  He wasn’t happy with me but I was happy with my results.  I think I’ll make a dozen of them and wage an all camp war some night.  However, I think I’ll not be telling campers of my bull’s eye first shot… I wouldn’t want a camp full of vengeful hummingbirds.

rockymtiris.jpg  marshmgun.jpg


~ by SarahT on May 31, 2007.

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