The world on a string…

Botaka Gorge    Cat's Whiskers 

I love string figures and use them in my storytelling.  String figures can be found from cultures all over the world; the Navajo, the Maori, the Arctic Inuites and many others.  There are literally 1000s of figures to be discovered and learned.

Sarah has caught the string bug and knows quite a few figures herself.  I have found that string figures can be an excellent learning tool.  Not only do the exercise your imagination  visualizing and creating stories from the figures but they build hand eye coordination and are an open door to exploring other cultures and traditions.  Rather than turning on the game boy… try carrying a string, it’s lighter and cheaper. Here are a couple of links to web site that have figure descriptions and even some video instruction.  Also, check out the library for books on the subject.  There will be a lot of Cat’s Cradle information which is a fun two person series of figures.

  International String Figure Association  / World Wide Collection of String Figures /    Dine’ String Games – Navajo  / Waldorf Homeschooling String Figures /


~ by SarahT on January 20, 2007.

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