Christmas Shadow Play

This is a video of the Shadow Puppet Play Emily, Sarah and I created for Christmas at Summerlin Presbyterian Church where we attend and I am an Elder, Lay Leader and Webmaster.  Each Sunday in Advent was a different scene that represented the journey to the birth of Christ.  Sarah and I worked the puppets and Emily stood in the front as a “Dickensesque” Carroler, singing the song. 


~ by SarahT on December 26, 2006.

4 Responses to “Christmas Shadow Play”

  1. Hello dears, thanks for the goodies you brought by–I just enjoyed Breakfast is cookies! In any case, I love the shadow/singing for your church and I love all the pictures and Miss Suzy is adorable as are all of you!

  2. Scott- I was so excited to see your Nativity shadow puppet play. I, too, homeschooled my kids (they are all over 20 yrs old now). We rotate the type of Christmas pageant we do and we are back in the rotation for the shadow puppet play. But being in a bigger performance space I was preparing to make a new theater out of 2×4’s but I see your PVC version and that might more sense for us. I am incorporating quite a few students into putting it on, so may need to make it sizable (plus the auditorium is sizable). I have a few questions. What did you make your shadow puppet from. Last time I used cardboard but am thinking of switching to 1/8 inch black foam board. What size is your theater? How did you attach the curtains. And my big question is how did you get the white fabric for the screen of the theater taut with the curtains needing attached as well. What did you use for the sticks for the shadow puppets and were they attached horizontally or at a 90 degree angle to the back? It looks like you used an overhead projector-how far back from the screen did you place your projector? Thanks for any insight you can provide.

  3. Hello. Very nice shaddow puppet effect here. Several of your photos make the screen appear yellow which looks especially nice.
    I’m just beginning to look into this. What type of lighting did you use and how did you achieve the yellow background? ~I also am wondering, do we need to make the curtain (screen) taught? I’m getting excited about this medium’s potential for other holiday themes such as the Thanksgiving enactment, etc. Thank you for your inspiring photos. Betty

  4. Can’t believe I misspelled the word taut! By golly I don’t believe I’ve ever had a need to write that word out before. How funny. Betty

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