Butter Making

Sarah and I had a little lesson about being thankful and not taking things for granted.  We made butter from scratch… sans the cow of course.   

What a surprise it was to her that butter didn’t always come in a little plastic tub.   Seeing the time and energy it takes to accomplish the simplest task makes us appreciate what we have that much more.   The butter was scrumptous even though our arms are sore. 




You will need:

A pint size glass jar

Heavy whipping cream (liquid kind- full cream)

A wooden spatula
A small bowl

Pour the cream into your jar. Put the cover on your jar and make sure it is tight. Let the cream come to room temp.Shake the jar! Keep shaking.  Then shake some more.  After a while you will see the butter start to form. Shake until the lump of butter doesn’t seem to be getting any bigger.  The jar side will become clean of the cream.  Pour the mixture into your bowl, and pour out the liquid which is butter milk.  Take a drink of that good buttermilk or make some pancakes.   Transfer your lump of butter into a bowl.  Rinse with water while stirring with wooden spoon and keep rinsing until the water becomes clear.  Add salt to taste.  We took it and pressed it into a heart shaped mold.

Hey… you have Butter!


~ by SarahT on November 13, 2006.

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