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After a lot of tinkering I have finally figured out how to run this blog on my own website.  This blog has now moved: 

The new address is  Please visit!


Montana 2008

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Sarah and I have been at the camp for nearly a month now and I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the gumption to sit down a post entries.  Once again, it’s not from the lack of exciting things to relate… it’s just that I’m pretty much a lousy blogger.  However, to be honest… we’ve been very busy trying to prepare for the camp season with many improvements to the camp, cleaning, organizing, building and such… not to mention finding and hiring a summer staff; which is always a challenge. We’ve also had snow and or cold rain nearly everyday, so it makes it that much harder to work in.  Then of course this very temperamental and slow dial up connection doesn’t make blogging much fun.  So see… I have plenty of excuses. 

For those of you that have no idea what I’m talking about maybe I should briefly fill you in.  Each summer, my daughter (who I homeschool) and I, leave my wife to hold down the fort at home and head off to Montana to run a small Christian camp in the Gallatin National Forest in southwest Montana.  We usually leave a month before the actual camp begins and this is it.  It’s the hardest month because we’re very busy trying to prepare for campers to arrive in June.  It’s cold, wet and lonely during this month but Sarah is a real trooper and finds many interesting things to keep her occupied and continually learning new things. 

This year, she brought most of her animals with her and we added them to our very small 12×12 cabin which is where we will reside until the end of August.  I am including photos of our cabin below. 

Also, in a moment of insanity we bought a new English Setter pup.  This makes 3 English Setters we now own.  Very cute and I’m hoping to make him into a good hunter as well.  Aptly, his name is River and you can see a few photos of him as well. 

Sarah, helps me around the camp a lot… especially with the crafts and activity planning and she loves hiking around the camp and identifying plants, trees, wildflowers and animals.  This year she’s become interested in tracks and scat and has a started collecting and labeling scat samples.  That’s something you don’t see everyday!

This week will be our last week before staff comes and the summer really gets rolling.  We were lucky to have Emily come for an extended weekend to visit and just have some family time.  Sadly, she leave tomorrow but will return a few times over the summer so it’s not so bad.  

Check back periodically to see what happening and how our summer is going and hopefully we’ll get our pod cast back in the mix soon. 

Recent Photos

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sarah-bunny.jpg  gallatinwinter21.jpg  idahosnow.jpg  snowbunny.jpg 


sarah-painting-bats.jpg   sarah-in-west-yellowstone.jpg   winterfish.jpg 

Catching up a little…

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It’s been a long time since I last posted and I really have no real excuse.  I’ve been busy preparing for the 2008 camp season with designing a website, brochures, programs and trying to find a staff.  Sarah and I took a couple of weeks and traveled throughout the northwest attending college job fairs looking for staff.  It was a lot of fun and we had the opportunity to spend sometime in the snow and doing a little fishing.  Above are a few photos. 

Also, we’ve added a few pets to our personal zoo and botanical garden.  A couple of Gerbils will hopefully yield a litter in the near future and we’ve also added a bunny.  This summer at camp we’re taking everything with us and I’m creating a little nature center where the kids can play with the snakes, turtles and other critters.  Should be a good addition. 

Sarah and I spent some time building bird and bat habitats in the shop.  We’re installing them at the camp along with cameras to view the inhabitants. 

Above are some recent pictures of our adventures.  I’ll try to spend some time in the near future catching up on homeschooling posts.

Mountain Bike from Santa

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Santa brought Sarah a nice mountain bike so we can do some trail riding in Montana this summer.


Christmas 2007

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We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and even though it’s sometimes difficult to get in the Christmas spirit living in the desert we had a good one.  At Church this year Sarah got a chance to follow in her mothers footsteps and sing a solo which she did very well. 


Sarah and Emily made a gingerbread house from scratch!



Decorating the tree.


Pet Snakes…

•December 23, 2007 • 4 Comments

We’ve been raising a Sinaloan Milk-snake for two years now and a couple of weeks ago it somehow managed to escape from the terrarium.  We search the house pretty well a few time but sadly it was gone.  Sarah and I were pretty bummed since we’d watched the hatchling grow to a pretty nice sized adult.  So, after a few days of searching we decided to get another snake as a replacement.  This time we went for a little cheaper snake and got a corn-snake.  Below is a picture of him. 


So, today I was cleaning out the laundry room and guess who I found, cold and alone between two painting stored next to the dryer.  Yep… our Prodigal Milk-snake.   Not the most remarkable Christmas miracle but hey… we’ll take what we get.  Now we’re up to 2 dogs, 2 snakes, a cat, a tortoise and a bunch of fish.  Next I think we’ll get a partridge in a pear tree.